We provide Physics Class for students who wants to study all about mass and energy. The class is interactive with the usage multimedia and digital whiteboard. we are glad to say that we embrace latest teaching technology to guide students to love this subject.

1. General physics
1.1 Length and time
1.2 Motion
1.3 Mass and weight
1.4 Density
1.5 Forces
1.6 Momentum (Extended candidates only)
1.7 Energy, work and power
1.8 Pressure
2. Thermal physics
2.1 Simple kinetic molecular model of matter
2.2 Thermal properties and temperature
2.3 Thermal processes
3. Properties of waves, including light and sound
3.1 General wave properties
3.2 Light
3.3 Electromagnetic spectrum
3.4 Sound

4. Electricity and magnetism
4.1 Simple phenomena of magnetism
4.2 Electrical quantities
4.3 Electric circuits
4.4 Digital electronics (Extended candidates only)
4.5 Dangers of electricity
4.6 Electromagnetic effects
5. Atomic physics
5.1 The nuclear atom
5.2 Radioactivity