Personal Development

The Eduseeds Personal Development Programme is an essential for adolescents during their inner core formation years. This Programme equips them with life management skills to empower them to become emerging leaders of tomorrow. The Personal Development Program includes a holistic empowering of their mind and intelligence, their emotions and psychology, and their potential inner strength, that enables them to achieve not just academic success but also a spirit of excellence in their social life and interpersonal skills, focused in approaching the stage of life with energetic positivity and facing challenges with tenacity and determination.

Emerging Leaders

We believe that every child can be a leader. Because leadership is about INFLUENCE. Our vision for today’s youth are :

  • To give them a platform to realise their leadership potential,
  • To enable them to have inspiring role models or mentors,
  • To encourage them to be positive influences around people,
  • To connect with and be a part of a healthy community,
  • To equip them to do things without help,
  • To empower them to make positive changes,
  • To enable them acquire practical knowledge and skills,
  • To help them understand the value of effort and hard work, and
  • To help them have lots of fun with a purpose in the process.